Last night’s NFL game apparently looked cool in 3D

nfl-logo If you watched last night’s Chargers-Raiders game and managed to make it all the way to the second quarter, then you clearly weren’t as bored with the 34-7 blowout as I was. Had I seen the game in 3D, like a select group of “real” reporters and team owners saw it here in Boston last night (see our previous coverage), I probably woulda watched the whole first half.

Apparently, despite some minor glitches and growing pains, private audiences in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles enjoyed the first half of the game, which was broadcast by 3ality Digital LLC out of Burbank. While the NFL hasn’t quite figured out a strategy for 3D broadcasts, they’re apparently meeting early next year to talk about it. Fox is already planning on a 3D broadcast in 150 theaters for the BCS championship games in January. This might help theater owners bring in some extra revenue if the whole 3D sports thing catches on.