Moto Chaser for the iPhone modified to support TV-out as a proof of concept

Last week, Ars Technica uncovered an undocumented class in the iPhone SDK which allows applications to push visuals to an external monitor rather than the device’s built in screen. Lightbulbs flicked on above the noggins of iPhone developers everywhere, all with the same idea: this could be used for games!

The only catch: it’s an undocumented feature, which generally means it’s off limits to applications submitted to the App Store. Until Apple gave developers the go head to use it, it wasn’t too feasible to write a whole game around it.

Instead, Ars contacted Freeverse, makers of the ultra popular Moto Chaser, and convinced them to throw together a version of the game modified to utilize the hidden TV-out functionality. Within hours, the demo was done. It’s not flawless – the frame rate gets a wee bit chunky at times – but it’s about as much proof as we need that the concept is sound – that is, once Apple says it’s okay.