Ambiguous T-swivel device surfaces, has identity crisis

Either that person has a tiny hand, or this mysterious T-swivel device needs to go on a serious diet before hitting the streets.

Found on a Korean forum discussing reasons why Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPCs) and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs ) never reached market saturation, it is not clear what category this “concept” device fits into.

Sporting a T-swivel display (a la LG VX9400), a full qwerty keyboard, and what appears to be a touchpad complete with left and right mouse buttons, this behemoth confusingly blurs the lines between UMPCs, MIDs, and smartphones.

The fact that this image is apparently over 6 months old suggests that this hefty handset might never see the light of day. And really, is there even room in the ever-crowded portable/mobile device market for such a beast? With the explosion of netbooks, web-capable PMPs, and much sleeker alternatives…I’d say that’s a big NO.

[via Pocketables]