At long last, Skyfire browser gets VGA support

When we wrote about the not-quite-official soft launch of Skyfire v0.85 a few weeks back, one little morsel slipped through the cracks.

While we properly noted that registration requirements had been removed from the mobile browser, the newfound support for folks in the UK, and an “experts only” download link which essentially freed Skyfire of its geographical limits, one newly implemented feature that many had been clamoring for managed to stay off the radar until Skyfire’s folks decided it was time to make v0.85 official: support for VGA screens.

Along with making Skyfire accessible to those outside of North America, VGA support was perhaps one of the enhancements most often requested by their users. Without it, at least two of the most popular recent Windows Mobile handsets – namely, the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro – were unable to run the browser properly. Being that Skyfire is the only free mobile browser around supporting Silverlight, Flash, and a handful of other multimedia formats generally reserved for desktops, we can see why Touch owners might be itching for it.

While VGA support is in, there’s still no love for the slightly portlier WVGA; Sorry, Touch HD and T*Omnia owners – no Flash on the go for you just yet.