Review: Hitachi DZ-BD10HA Blu-Ray camcorder

Short Version: A versatile HD camcorder that’s perfect for home videos, but not so much for budding video professionals.


  • 1920x1080i Full HD recording
  • Blu-ray disc recording option
  • 30GB HDD recording option
  • SD card recording option
  • 7MP CMOS image sensor
  • HDMI & Component output
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • 2.7-inch widescreen LCD

Who should buy this

This is a great camcorder for the modern day family. The three different recording options of Blu-ray, a hard drive, or a SD cards ensure that you’ll never run out of recording space. Plus, it records in high-def which is always nice. 

Novice video peeps should find the camcorder easy to use. The buttons on the right side of the camcorder controls most of the recording options. The drive selection is up front, allowing full access to the camera’s recoding modes. Switching between the three options only takes a few seconds.

The playback mode works just like most modern cameras by presenting thumbnails of different scenes. A little joystick on the left of the LCD controls the menu and playback. Easy.

The image stabilizer works well and reduces the Blair Witch-effect to a minimum. Unfortunately, the video codec doesn’t seem to like quick motions so while the picture isn’t jerky, the image does become pixelated – a lot.

In fact, pixelation is a common ‘feature’ of the camera. While it’s a decent option for the high-def Dad, this isn’t meant for any professional video work.

Who shouldn’t by this

Professionals, students, anyone that wants a high-quality picture might not be satisfied with this Hitachi camcorder. It claims a 1080i picture and while it is in fact that resolution, the sensor doesn’t capture quality pictures. Everything is pixelated and movement makes it worse. 

Low light recording is terrible. I can’t stress that enough and without a hot shoe or built-in light, you’re stuck with whatever ambient light is available.

When this camera is on a tripod and outside on a partly cloudy day, the picture is amazing. It looks great but movement in different lighting kills the quality. 

Final thoughts

The camera offers tons of HD recording options which is great. I just wish the picture quality was a bit higher. Home users: great option. Pros on a budget: might want to look elsewhere.