TiVo Netflix HD hands-on

The TiVo Fall update that dropped yesterday had a little somethin-somthin hidden under the hood. Netflix is now up and ready; HD content included. So far I’m impressed. The interface is TiVo-familiar. High-def content queues up almost instantly verses the Xbox’s near-almost present lag. Picture quality is good- not great, but good.

Three things though, TiVo.

Label HD content. As far as I can tell, there isn’t anyway to identify high-def content until it begins to spool up. Most titles it’s obvious but it would be great to have a little HD logo somewhere on the home screen. 

Higher quality HD. 720p is cool and well appreciated, but 1080p can be done. Do it. Make it an option that if the bandwidth is available, use the higher quality. Currently the 720p stream downgrades to 480p during network slowdowns, so why not implement the higher quality. The Series 3/HD boxes playback .MKV files proving the hardware is there. Quality.

More content. People have been screaming for this ever since the first Netflix streamer, but the cry is louder now that the service is on almost a dozen platforms. The TV shows are great and are the backbone of the service, but we need more movies. Get more of those and add more HD content, TiVo. 

More thoughts to come.