Is it Goodbye eBay France, or just au revoir?

This week I’m at the Le Web conference in Paris, which will hopefully come up with a few ideas about how tech/companies are going to weather the absolute Tsunami of Pain (closures, cost-cuttings, redundancies etc) which is currently crashing on our doorstep and coming back for more next year.

But meanwhile, a few people are taking it all on the chin, as are the staff of eBay France, which – as rumour has it – is poised to close, alongside some general eBay EU streamlining. [I have a call in to eBay to get the exact details but they are aleep right now…] We’ve already seen what happened in the UK.

Somehow it all seems a lot more upbeat than the shit-fest around smaller firms laying people off, but then if you’re all going out the door, you and the CEO, there’s a certain cameraderie in that, right?

So it is that eBay France staff have made the below video.