The first 100% paper-made jeans in the world will set you back $5,400

Hopefully better-looking than that (photo credit: Fashion Police)

As the world’s first company, Tokyo-based Japan Pulp & Paper plans to sell jeans made entirely of Japanese paper. The jeans will be marketed as a collector’s item and limited to just 10 pairs. Buyers will have to pay $5,400 per pair.

The company is using denim made from Washi, Japanese paper that’s tougher than paper usually used outside Nippon. The denim is then used to produce jeans, which can be worn and washed just like existing jeans.

Reportedly, the company promises a smooth feeling and good thermal insulation for wearers. Using Washi to produce clothes is not that uncommon in Japan, where it has been the basis of socks and underwear in the past.

I looked everywhere on the Japanese web for pictures of the paper jeans but at this point, nothing seems to be available online.

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]