Those are some really expensive-looking laptop bags

Leathermasters Orbino have released their latest line of luxury cow skin cases for your laptops. They’ve got the Aria, the Arista, the Postino, and the Trevi. Think they like Italy much? Three of these laptop cases will only fit a 13″ Macbook or MacBook Air (or, I assume, something of similar size, although they don’t deign to mention Vaios or anything), and only the Postino will fit all sizes.

They all look very sumptuous, although I don’t think I’d be able to successfully rock any of them. I’ll leave it to my more stylish New York counterparts to try them out. You’ll also find that they are unbelievably expensive — the cheapest is $350. Raise your hand if you want to have spent more on your laptop bag than on the laptop itself!

[via MacNN]