BFF's Unreasonable Stance: Ban Google Maps!

(Not to be confused with CG’s sanctioned “Unreasonable Stance” which is no longer done thanks to whiny, over zealous fan boys who can’t read a disclaimer…like this one.)

I agree. Go ahead and ban google maps. I don’t want them to figure out how to get over here anyway, so what’s it matter to us? Big deal, a few people won’t be able to see the latest “Google stunt” when the street van goes through. So what. Small minded people need small minded solutions.

Besides, where do you think this idea of “ban first ask questions later” came from?


That’s right, it’s our fault. Anytime some retard sues because their coffe was too hot, the surgeon general’s warning wasn’t big enough, or OJ kills someone, we end up banning something to appease the minority because the rest of us are too apathetic and don’t want to listen to the incessant bitching and moaning of said retards.

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