Buying a cheap HDTV could cost you in the long run, says home theater specialists

I this conversation with my mother-in-law last weekend.

Her, “So this Curtis Mathes LCD isn’t any good? You sure, ’cause they are a good brand.”

Me, not looking directly in her Medusa-like eyes, “Nope.”

And today, I find that the Home Theater Specialist of America warns against purchasing a cheap HDTVs. You know they are serious ’cause they are specialists.

The group says that most of CrunchDeal-ish HDTVs have cheap processing engines and lesser warranties that will come back to bit you in the end. So, their recommendation is to buy only the best TVs on the market, which includes:

  • Limited Edition Sharp Aquos LCD
  • Pioneer Kuro
  • Sony Bravia XBR7 & XBR8
  • LG
  • Mitsubishi

So, basically, they only recommend the most expensive TVs on the market. I, for one, only recommend a BMW M5 or a Bentley Brooklands.

As for HDTVs, go to the store and buy the picture/brand you are the most comfortable with. Everyone’s eyes are different so what looks good to some, might look like poo to you. But I too would also stay away from the cheap models.