New gaming keyboard from Logitech: the G13

I was just thinking it was about time for Logitech to drop some new gaming gear on us. Maybe they were just waiting for the billionth mouse fanfare to die down. Now, I hope you weren’t expecting a regular-style keyboard, because I kind of was, and now I’m a little… not disappointed, but weirded out. It’s a freaky, cool-looking device, and Logitech’s standards for build quality and driver support have always seemed great to me. I have a friend who swears by one of these little weirdo keyboards, and he’s old school so I trust him on it.

The G13 features custom-color backlighting for its 25 programmable keys, an analog stick (!), and a 160x43px LCD display that can be programmed to show everything from ammo to in-game messages. I’d be lying if I said this thing was for everybody (especially at $80), but I’d also be lying if I said it wouldn’t improve my game.