Paul McCartney isn't afraid of DRM-free digital downloading of his latest album


Paul McCartney’s previous album, Memory Almost Full, may have been, in so many words, complete garbage, but you have to give credit to the man for his latest endeavor, a new album from his electronic-ish band The Fireman. The album Electric Arguments is available as a DRM-free download from the band’s official site. It’s in a bunch of formats, too, including MP3, FLAC and Apple Lossless; for a few dollars more they’ll even throw in a CD. (Sounds a lot like what Nine Inch Nails did several months ago, right?) And, if you’re not too sure that you want to spend $9 of your hard earned dollars on Mr. McCartney’s side project, you can listen to the entire album on the site via a Flash player.

Above all, it shows that “mainstream” musicians are finally getting it, that digital downloads aren’t inherently evil. DRM-free is a welcome bonus, too. It also makes AC/DC’s decision to release its album exclusively at Wal-Mart seem all the more weird. They didn’t even so much as release it on iTunes.

via Slashdot