Ultimate Ears announces the Triple.Fi 10vi in-ear monitors

Today, Ultimate Ears updated their top of the line in-ear monitors for use with your iPhone and/or BlackBerry. According to UE, the Triple.Fi 10vi monitors are the closest things on a performance level to their custom monitors. *I can’t stop drooling* With a triple speaker configuration that delivers a full range of crisp audio you’ll hear every single note clearly and loudly.

To deliver detailed and accurate sound reproduction, the TripleFi earphones use a proprietary triple-speaker configuration and an integrated passive-crossover circuit that directs low- and mid-range frequencies to a dedicated pair of speakers for warm bass and smooth mid-range. The third speaker channels high-frequency sound to create clean, clear highs.

These aren’t your average in-ears though and you’ll have to muster up $420, but that includes a ¼-inch adapter jack, cleaning tool, sound-level attenuator, extender cable, and a compact metal storage case.

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