Zeemote JS1 bluetooth controller rolls out in Mexico

I don’t think I can express how much I wanted to add something about tacos to that headline. Yes, I realize Mexico has more to offer besides tacos. I just really loves me some tacos.

Oh, right – back on topic. This morning, Zeemote, Inc is announcing a partnership with Telcel and Sony Ericsson to bring the Zeemote JS1 down to Mexico. Following Zeemote’s now standard practice of bundling, the JS1 will come tucked inside as an accessory for the Sony Ericsson W760i.

Still no where to be seen, however, is any means of purchasing a JS1 by itself. I understand Zeemote’s desire to get these things bundled; they’re a bit niche, so they’d probably have a hell of a time pitching them by themselves. But with the Nokia N86 and Sony Ericsson W760i already compatible, why not make a few available to the people that do want them?