NVIDIA strikes back with the double-GPU GTX295

In what has become pretty much a standard move by graphics card makers, NVIDIA has revealed that its new fastest card will be… two of its old fastest cards glued together. It should be said that this is far from an ineffective approach: the 9800GX2 annihilated everything when it came out last year and the 4870X2 is the king of the hill right now on the price/performance bit. The GTX295 will probably cost… eh, I’m going to say $600 at the start, which is pretty reasonable for two 55nm GPUs, 480 stream processors, and nearly two gigs of high-speed DDR3 RAM.

My only concern is that the GTX295 looks so much like an ice cream sandwich that someone might chip a tooth one of these days. Probably at CES in January, when we’ll see this thing.