Capcom promotes Biohazard (Resident Evil) Degeneration with branded military food rations


Capcom (or more precisely Sony Pictures) will start selling Biohazard Degeneration (Resident Evil Degeneration), a CGI movie based on the Resident Evil game series, in Japan on December 26. In order to promote sales of the DVD and Blu-ray of the movie, the company is also offering Miri Meshi, branded military food rations.

The Japan-only rations are available since today and come in three different versions: beef (pictured above), stew and rice and curry rice. Capcom and Sony are cooperating with a Japanese company that specializes in providing Nippon’s military with similar food items since 1959.


Fans of the Resident Evil series won’t need water, electricity or gas to eat the meals. Each ration costs $13 and best before 2.5 years.

The movie will be available on DVD in the US on December 30.