Flipping the Friendfeed funnel: Too many information channels forcing private information aggregators?

Just as marketing requires multiple channels, information overload has led to multiple channels. IM, e-mail, twitter, Work twitter, wikis, Basecamp–all have different expectations and users.

But when will the enterprise hit too many channels–all with important information?

Friendfeed was the consumer answer–aggregate a public conversation across multiple silos. Only they made it possible for multiple people to follow a single individual. Now companies like Fuser and Xobni are flipping the funnel and collecting conversations FOR a single individual, rather than FROM a single individual.

Similarly, companies like NutShellMail, Fuser, and SocialCast are pulling personal information feeds into corporate inboxes.

By the way, if you didn’t notice yet, the TechCrunch main site launched Facebook Connect integration. This follows on the heels of Yahoo BOSS search integration. Which means your job–staying up on tech by reading TechCrunch–has invaded your personal information stream. It goes both ways.

Any IT manager knows this will be a knowledge management security nightmare. The solution isn’t obvious–but the lines between work and personal life are rapidly blurring.