"Green" Japan's newest products

Japan is turning greener and greener by the week, it seems. This weekend, during the Eco Products 2008 exhibition in Tokyo, a total of 750 companies showcased a few hundred new environmentally friendly products and services.

Four noteworthy examples are shown in the video above [JP]. The first segment is about a water heating boiler that is powered by bricks made of dried newspapers, with the main idea being that people don’t use wood (nothing spectacular here).

Product number 2 shown in the video is a cute water bottle watering system for flowers. Users have to fill a 0.5-liter bottle that’s enough for a bunch of flowers for about a week. The third product is a mini solar panel that only needs reflected light to power devices, for example a model railway.

The last product presented is probably the most interesting, an eco toilet that doesn’t need water. Instead users can manually operate a crank to atomize excrements and use the result as “green” fertilizer.

Via Japan Probe