5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas: Day 4


Congratulations to Sean, Charles, and Matt, yesterday’s Office-Mas winners. Today we have a special treat, something to titillate the senses, to encourage elation in the elderly and the youthfully vibrant alike, and to cause cats to purr and mewl contentedly in empty rooms.

Today is laptop day and we have on offer a Defcon CL security cable, a MagicJack (basically a free calling service), a portable Microsoft Media Center remote which will also work for presentations, and a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3000. I’ll also throw in a 17-inch Targus laptop cozy for your traveling pleasure. What do you have to do to get such a great deal? Do you have to send photographs of your dog? Do you have to record yourself dancing a jig in the heart of Wellington-on-Shropshire? Do you have to wear one of those weird sickness suits like that guy in Dune? No, no, and no! And no!

You have to leave a comment describing your ultimate business getaway. Is it a Holiday Inn conference center in Akron? A cheap hotel in Stockholm? A client visit that ends up being in a house full of guinea pigs (true story!)? Tell us.