Video: PlayStation Home isn't a safe environment for female avatars

The video is totally SFW, but you might lose a few brain cells by watching it

PlayStation Home for the PS3 could be the absolute dumbest thing ever produced in the history of human civilization. (Penny-Arcade doesn’t like it either, and their voice carries the same weight as Walter Cronkite’s did during the Vietnam War.) But not only is it wretched—the Wii has avatars, the Wii is selling well, therefore we need avatars to sell well, too—it’s also offense to women! It’s a one-two punch of mediocrity!

The video embedded here, and there’s plenty more (though that one’s actually hilarious) where that came from, shows a so-called “female avatar” (which is more than likely just a dopey kid toying with others’ emotions), being surrounded and harassed by a pack of “male avatars.” It’s among the sorriest things you’ll find online today.

My only hope, for Sony’s sake, is that PlayStation Home didn’t cost too much money to develop, because, frankly, it’s rubbish.

via Silicon Alley Insider