Blu-ray DRM: Slysoft and studios do battle


You may or may not be aware, but there has been and still is a war being waged over Blu-ray DRM. Slysoft announced that they cracked the BD+ algorithm back in March this year and has been including Blu-ray backup with AnyDVD HD since March. That was just eight months after Richard Doherty from Envisioneering Group predicted that BD+ would stand for 10 years

But! Just because BD+ plus has been breached doesn’t mean that the game is over. Unlike AACS (Advanced Access Control System used in both Blu-ray and HD DVD) and CSS (Content Control System, used on DVD), BD+ can be updated. And update is exactly what they did: the November revision of BD+ has created an increasing list of titles that Slysoft is unable to crack. As is always the case between hackers and those being hacked, however, winning the day doesn’t mean winning the war.