‘GAMEROX’ chair aimed at fidgety, slouching kids


The yet-to-be-released GAMEROX chair is a mish-mash of one of those big core-strengthening Yoga balls that some people use as their office chairs and a pivoting wonderspring filled with magical fun-tacity for kids ages 7 to 12.

The idea is that instead of sitting on the couch like a lump or on the floor like a hobo, kids can sit in the GAMEROX and bob and weave to a game of Mario Kart while strengthening their doughy little midsections and aligning their spines properly. They might even have fun without knowing it since the thing pitches and bends every which way. For younger kids, there’s an emergency lever that prevents the chair from pitching too far backwards and bucking them onto the cold, hard, linoleum floor.

Image 3

No word on pricing or availability yet but the company is lining up distributors. The maximum weight is 175 pounds, so I’ll probably never sit in one unless I want to hear, "Hey, that Shrek-looking guy is playing video games! Aww, he broke the bendy chair!"

GAMEROX [via Gizmag]