Nokia applies for Pivot Display patent, wants best of both worlds

Nokia’s latest USPTO application for a “Pivot Display” provides possible insight into a future mobile form-factor.  Manufacturers, on a never-ending quest in search of the mobile holy grail (i.e. combining maximum screen real-estate and a tactile QWERTY keypad in a pocket-size device), continue to push the (patent) boundaries.

As best exemplified in Fig. 5 (above), Nokia’s latest “novel” solution aims to pivot a large display from behind the keypad into a landscape orientation depending on the user’s needs.  For example, making or receiving a call wouldn’t require the full screen, whereas watching a video or surfing the Interwebs would definitely benefit from use of the expanded display.

As with all the majority of hardware patent applications, the accompanying design drawings often seem like impossible vaporware at the time, with no exceptions here.  However, as display technologies (see flexible, “unbreakable” displays) and manufacturing processes continue to evolve, there is no reason why Nokia couldn’t develop a device like this in the not-to-distant future.  Let’s just hope they come up with something a lot better than this.

[via IntoMobile]