Russia's HTC Max 4G gets reviewed in-depth

Perhaps it’s a little bit insensitive to post this; We already know the US isn’t getting the Touch HD, so chances are we’ll also be missing out on its WiMax enabled big brother, the Max 4G. It’s like rubbing salt on a fresh wound – but when said salt sports a 3.8″ WVGA screen and WiMax, we just can’t help ourselves.

You’ll have to tough it through Google’s often creative translations, but has gone from top to bottom of this pretty little piece to return with a laundry list of pros and cons. The biggest flaw? The WiMax network in Russia, currently only rolled out in Moscow and St. Petersburg, just isn’t sufficient. With US WiMax currently limited to a handful of major cities, it’d be the same story over here. Beyond the lack of WiMax coverage and a few hardware shortcomings (no 3.5mm headset jack, and a somewhat dismal camera), it looks like the Max 4G is pretty droolworthy. Check out the full (translated) review here.

[via WMPowerUser]