Wall Street points out Apple's soft spots

sadmacApple’s shares took a little bit of a hit today, after a Wall Street analyst lowered his rating in the short term on their stock.

The analyst said that while Apple is still strong, in the short term they may find it difficult to reach sales targets on the MacBook Pro, and the ever popular iPods. He also said that it’s appearing unlikely that Apple will release a new product at MacWorld this year, which would further reduce short term gains.

Frankly, while I’m not a big shot analyst, I think he’s wrong (so there). Apple is still very strong, and while they aren’t necessarily seeing the same levels of sales they saw a year ago (for obvious reasons), they are continuing with a very diverse product line, and in the long term is looking at steadily increasing market share. They’ve got the demand — I mean, who wouldn’t to find an iPod Touch under the tree?

In any case, the shares were down only 0.05% at market close today. Take that, analysts.