A plug-in hybrid is now for sale in China, Chevy Volt what?


GM, and millions of jobs, might be counting on the Chevy Volt to save the company, but a Chinese car company is a couple steps ahead of Generous Motors. The BYD F3DM is now for sale at a cost of $21,900 USD…in China. It features a plug-in Li-ion battery pack along with a 1.0 liter aluminum engine. Exact details aren’t available but it seems that this knock-off might have the $40k Volt beat in the technology department with its has three modes operation.


It can run like a traditional plug-in on battery only, hybrid gas/battery as the Prius, or even in a mode similar to the Volt where the engine drives a generator to recharge the battery. By the time GM gets the Volt on the market, this BYD should already have worked out all the kinks. Do you hear that? It’s the changing of the guard and American’s loosing their jobs ’cause other companies know how to innovate.