Looks like Ustream is headed for the iPhone, as well

When we broke the news last week that Ustream.tv is working on a mobile streaming application, the only device we could verify support for was the Nokia N95. A few days later, we’ve received photographic proof that they’re cracking away at a client for at least one other popular handset: the iPhone.

Continuing a tradition long established in the world of pre-announcement photography, the shot we received is all kinds of blurry. That said, it came from the same source as last week’s video, so we’re confident that what we’re looking at is the real deal.

Along the bottom, we can see buttons labeled for broadcast, record, mute, and preferences. Above that is the chat history window which, according to our source, can be perused with the flick of a finger.

Apple has yet to allow any video recording applications into their App Store, so it’s pretty safe to assume that this application will be limited to jailbroken iPhones until Apple changes up their policies.

We’ll update if more details come in.

[Thanks again, Captain3!]