So now what? Will Apple still bring a netbook or new Mac Mini to Macworld SF?

keybote1We just learned that Steve Jobs is not going to give his annual address at Macworld where he generally announces new Apple product. So…now what? Is Apple still going to announce new products like the heavily rumored Apple netbook or new Mac Mini. How about the rest of the aluminum MacBook Pro lineup including a larger 17-inch model? Also, how about a new iPhone? What are all the Apple faithful going to do?

Chances are that Apple will still announce new products at the event just without all the hoopla and festivities. We’re still going to send people to the event and so will other sites. That one keynote tends to be over publicized and extorted by gadget blogs anyway. It will be nice to simply get a feel for the new Apple wares without suffering through mind-numbing live blogging events.

Apple still needs a venue to announce new products. This keynote always tended to be where Apple announced the important products, but maybe Apple is tired of being tied down to these events. Without having this keynote, the company is now free to announce major products when the time is right; no matter when during the year.

Only time will tell what Apple’s departure from Macworld will bring. Good thing or bad, the company will still march on.