Video Glasses Lite: Thanko presents inexpensive head-mounted display


Our favorite crap gadget vendor Thanko has today started listing the “Video Glasses Lite” [JP], essentially a head-mounted display that is supposed to produce images measuring 38 inches. Thanko says this is the perfect solution for TV junkies and gamers who are suffering from their lives in small apartments.

The device features a 2 TFT LCD display (230,000 pixels/320×240 resolution), stereo sound, a viewing angle of 26° and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It weighs just 70 grams and has a battery life span of 6 hours (a single charge takes about 4 hours).


The Japanese can get the Video Glasses lite for $220, significantly less than Thanko’s video glass media player. People interested in the device and who live outside Japan (if there are any) must wait until Thanko lists it in their international online store.