2008 People's Choice survey: Mid-week results

Well, it seems you guys really like Firefox, the Tivo HD XL, and long walks on the beach. I’ve been going over the results so far and you have been a busy bunch, offering opinion after opinion and excoriating a few devices that deserve a good shellacking. Here’s what we know so far:

  • 44.5% of you like the Tivo HD XL
  • You love the Nikon D90
  • You’re crazy about the ASUS Eee PC 1000 and the MacBook Pro
  • You’re not very excited about the Blackberry Bold (65% of you like the iPhone 3G)
  • You think the Peek is crap, followed by the Storm (29.1% and 28.8% respectively)
  • You love you some iPhone 3G

Am I surprised by these mid-week results? Not really. Most of the goodies you love we love too. Sadly, there just wasn’t a lot of great stuff out this year, something that actually makes me sad. We’ll keep you posted on the final tally coming up.

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