Behold the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone


German company Neoi has apparently developed the world’s thinnest QWERTY phone. That’s bold! Know what’s even more bold? A company inserting its name into Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula as a marketing ploy (see upper right hand corner of the above photo). That, my friends, takes some brass ones. This better be one amazing phone, a phone the likes of which Einstein himself would use.

The 906e Card Phone is a credit card sized (length and width, not thickness) tri-band GSM phone with a tiny 1-inch by 0.8-inch screen, 512MB of memory (expandable by microSD), Java J2ME software platform, push e-mail, and a bunch of other relatively straightforward features. Price and availability? No idea, but you apparently have to order 500 of them. It might be nice to see an actual non-rendered photo, too.

Neoi Card-Phone [ via Engadget]