SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry coming on December 30th

Just a few days shy of one full year after Sling Media announced that they’d be porting SlingPlayer Mobile to BlackBerry, things are finally coming to fruition. On December 30th, anybody and everybody with a BlackBerry (and a Slingbox) will be able to grab a copy of the beta.

Officially, it’ll only support BlackBerry handsets with 3G and/or WiFi – namely, the Bold, Curve 8900, 8820, Curve 8320, Pearl Flip 8220, or Pearl 8120. That said, it oughtta run on just about any OS 4.5 or later 8XXX model you throw it at, including the EDGE-only ones . Note that “it oughtta run” here means “it should execute”, not “operate so amazingly well that everyone wants to be your friend and give you money”. You should still be able to watch your Scrubs reruns on the go, it might just be a slideshow.