Weasel puked coffee may be good, or will make you want to vomit

weasel-coffee2Weasel puked coffee from Vietnam: picked and regurgitated by a weasel. Why puked coffee, you ask? The weasel (a type of civet) likes to eat the fruit of the coffee plant, but the seeds don’t agree with their stomachs, so the weasel vomits them up. The resulting coffee beans produce coffee that is purported to have a “surprising delicious chocolatey taste.” So if you’re looking for a gift for an avid coffee drinker, you may be interested in this.

The recipient may find it funny as a collectible, or may may even like the taste (or just barf it up… again). Whichever outcome appeals to you, you can purchase a 2oz package of this puke for $24.99.