CrunchDeals: 15.4-inch LCD monitor for $79.99

204545610 Sometimes you just need an inexpensive monitor – doesn’t matter how big, how great, or how feature-ish. If that describes you at this very moment, maybe you could spend $80 on this new 15.4-inch Soyo that is selling.

Come on, you’re making decent money now. You can afford an $80 monitor, can’t you. Hell, you’ll probably spend at least that on dinner and drinks tonight, right? What’s $80 towards a monitor? Why are you fighting me on this? I’m just trying to help. Buy it!

If you need fancier info, the monitor’s got a resolution of 1280 x 800, a single VGA input, 600:1 contrast ratio, and built-in speakers. Are you going to win any “Coolest Monitor” contests with this thing? Probably not, unless you invent a time machine and enter the monitor in a contest from 1993. If you’ve invented a time machine, though, you could probably go into the future and buy this one off of eBay for, like, $15. Sweet.

Soyo Group DYLM1596 LCD Monitor []