Lenovo DS: new laptop sports two screens

[image credit: Scott Ferguson at eWeek]

This really doesn’t look like something that will catch on, but it’s certainly momentous. The Lenovo W700DS has one 17-inch display like its predecessor, and another 10-inch one that slides out from behind. Madness, you say? Yeah, I agree.

The argument Lenovo has put forth is that this is a “desktop replacement” laptop. And yet, I don’t see any reason to replace my two 24″ screens, full size keyboard and selection of mice with a single device. The reason desktops are good is because they stay in the same place. You can keep everything plugged in, the wires are all tucked away and so on. If you replace it with a laptop — a laptop that you take with you when you leave — the devices that live in your desktop’s vicinity must either come with you (annoying) or stay where they are (useless). So anything you travel with isn’t really going to be a desktop replacement, even if it does have two screens.

Although it has to be said that the two screen thing is pretty hot.