Polaroid files Chapter 11 bankruptcy


Polaroid isn’t do so well and just filed for bankruptcy. The once-hipster brand hasn’t found its footing in the digital age and has fallen by the wayside, recently announcing instant film is being discontinued. Still, the CEO sees Polaroid operating normally and hopefully emerge from the restructuring with the help of new product to be launched in ’09.

“Our operations are strong and during this process Polaroid will ship products to our retail partners, work with our suppliers and contract manufacturers to fulfill retailer demand …” said Mary L. Jeffries, Polaroid chief executive officer. We expect to continue our operations as normal during the reorganization and are planning for new product launches in 2009,” she said, adding that employees should receive their paychecks without interruption.

Question? Anyone have any ideas for Polaroid’s future? What they hell can they make that you would want to buy?