HereOrThere is nowhere – 681 members after a year

Social travel site HereOrThere, backed by Hugo Burge (the internet entrepreneur involved in Cheapflights), has now been running for a year and three months. What has it achieved? Just 681 members.

Granted it now has 84,833 places listed alongside, 1,241 travel blogs (sounds like two blogs per member?) but I daresay they expected more. The figures are published at the bottom of the site.

The site was in private beta for three months prior to launch in Sept 07. You read and write reviews of places you plan to visit.

Backed by Howzat Media LLP, the early stage dotcom investment fund which Burge runs with partner David Soskin, HereOrThere is not doing great in US traffic either, as you can see from the graph below.

HereOrThere is in a crowded space, which in the UK is dominated by WAYN. I’ll update this post when I get some comment back from the site.


Borge responds in the comments below: “This site was a personal project where I dropped the ball long ago. I had plans for it that did not come to fruition (which included a potential fusion of cash from HOWZAT), so I have just been letting it lie to see if anything evolved whilst I focussed on bigger fish. You win some; you lose some.”