Best Buy to get pink Instinct, Treo Pro 850 soon?


We already know that these two phones are Sprint-bound in January but BGR is reporting that Best Buy stores will see the Sprint Treo Pro 850 and a pink version of the Samsung Instinct in the near future. A pink version? That’s their answer to everything!

Looks like the unlocked price of the Treo is $699.99, though that’ll likely be subsidized when it shows up. The number’s cut off from the Instinct shot, but I betcha a buck it’ll cost the same as the regular Instinct. It’s just pink, after all.

Although both screens say that the phones entered Best Buy’s system on December 8th, that’s apparently normal and means that the devices are on their way. None of this is 100% set in stone — as it was sent in via an anonymous tip — but it’s much too boring to be fake.