Plug-in charging shelf makes sense, costs $13

plug-in-shelf-cell-phone-charging-station-labeled Ah, the eternal struggle of figuring out where to put your gadgets while they charge. So far we’ve got: the floor, a table and/or desk, a chair, a window sill, a dresser, and your bed. Now add "Plug-in Shelf Portable Cell Phone Charging Station" to the list.

It’s a simple idea that makes sense. The apparatus plugs into an outlet, you plug the charger into said apparatus, and through the magic of cord-wrangling, you wrap your adapter’s existing cord slack around the charging station and set your phone atop its built-in shelf.

So how much would you pay for such a miracle of modern technology? $5,000? No! $500? No!! $50? Maybe! How about $12.95 with free shipping? Yay!

Plug-in Shelf Portable Cell Phone Charging Station [ via GearLive]