Sling Media bumps up Windows Mobile support for SlingPlayer Mobile

Do you loves you some Sling Player Mobile? Ready to toss your old WinMo handset for a fresh one, but feelin’ a bit worried that Sling wont play friendly with the new guy? Good news! Sling Media has bumped up their Windows Mobile support, adding compatibility for 4 new resolutions across at least 15 new devices.

The new supported resolutions are 800×480, 640×480, 400×240, and 320×320, with newfound “official” support for:

* Sprint Treo 800w
* Sony Ericsson X1
* Palm Treo Pro
* Sprint HTC Touch Diamond
* Sprint HTC Touch Pro
* Verizon HTC Touch Pro
* Verizon Samsung Saga
* Verizon Samsung Omnia
* AT&T LG Incite
* AT&T HTC Fuze
* AT&T Samsung Epix
* HP iPAQ 910
* AT&T Pantech Duo
* Sprint Samsung ACE
* Verizon XV6900

Got a new-ish WinMo handset not on that list? Don’t worry – as long it’s running at one of the aforementioned resolutions (the HTC Touch HD, for example, isn’t listed but runs at 800×480) it should work. If in doubt, just give the 30 day trial a run.