What did you ask Santa Claus for Christmas?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As such—and humor us for a minute here—we’d like to know what you asked Santa Claus for Christmas this year. It doesn’t even have to be gadget- or tech-related!

Last year I wanted a José Mourinho-style overcoat (which I didn’t get, but whatever) and this year I’ll be content with Pro Evolution Soccer 2009. Having played both the FIFA 09 and PES 2009 demos again last night, I can honestly say that I prefer PES 2009. The graphics on FIFA 09 are really weird; Ashley Cole looks like a 1970s cartoon version of a person and Michael Ballack has this weird punk rock hairdo. No, PES 2009 doesn’t have all the English teams licensed—you’ll have to deal with North London (Arsenal), London FC (Chelsea) and Tyneside (Newcastle)—but most of the La Liga and Serie A teams are in there. Besides, when you’re playing the game do you even see the Samsung or Emirates logo?

So, then, what are you guys asking for? A new phone? A 1080p TV, or, dare I say, a Blu-ray player? ::cue spooky music::