Sony Vaio Pocket: Details of Sony's new UMPC leaked


The mysterious UMPC Sony has been advertising through a short “mystery campaign” over the last days doesn’t seem as overwhelming as Sony suggested, at least if you look at the the first details of the device that seem to have leaked on Christmas day (Sony took the page off a few hours ago).

The Sony Vaio Pocket features a 1.33GHz Intel processor, a 1600×768 ultra-widescreen 8-inch display, a 60GB hard drive or 128GB SSD and uses Windows Vista as the OS. It wil be available in three different colors: Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, and Black Silk.


As always, information obtained through leaks has to be taken with a grain of salt. The picture Sony shows on the Sony Syle online shop website is apparently a placeholder (it doesn’t show the actual product) and the company hasn’t officially confirmed anything yet, for example the price of the Pocket.

Via Sony Insider