CG Satellite Radio Award-winning ‘Secret Show to the Future’ re-airs tomorrow night on Sirius XM


Did Santa Claus give you a Sirius XM Radio yesterday? Boy are you in for a treat if he did, since “Secret Show to the Future” will be re-airing tomorrow night (Saturday, 12/27) at 9pm on XM channel 202 and Sirius channel 197.

You’ll remember that this program recently won our (well, my) Best in Satellite Radio awards. The awards were even mention on 12/17’s Opie & Anthony and Ron & Fez! At the very least an intern on those shows’ staff reads us. Unbelievable.

Briefly, the guys from the Opie & Anthony show, including “Secret Show to the Future” creator Danny, Anthony (the Anthony in Opie & Anthony) and Sam “Foreshadow” Roberts, do live commentary to the movie Back to the Future. It’s sorta like BD-Live or regular DVD commentary, only live and over the radio. Well, it was live in the summer.

So if you’re staying home on Saturday night and don’t mind over-the-top silliness, I highly recommend tuning in. If you ask me, this show alone is worth the $15 monthly Sirius XM fee.