Daring Fireball reviews E.T.


John Gruber, one of the best bLOLggers out there, took a look at E.T. again with fresh eyes and reminds us that this is truly one of Spielberg’s greatest hits. Sadly, it’s not out in HD yet – either streaming or Blu-ray.

I haven’t seen the movie in years but he recommends it to those of us who grew up in the 1980s. The scenery, characters, and action are a perfect time-capsule of what it meant to be a kid in that decade and, more importantly, what it means to be a kid in any decade. I’m definitely picking this up for the son and daughter in the next few months. That is once I can get my son to stop watching Cars.

But that fear was unfounded, and my memory of the film from childhood was correct. The only negative feeling the kids in E.T. evoke is jealousy, insofar as they make me wish, just as much today as in 1982, that E.T. had come to my house instead of theirs.

Jonas (just short of five years old) loved it; especially the parts where E.T. made the bikes fly. And the part where he drank beer.