Innov8 with AT&T-friendly innards passes through the FCC

Even without any sort of US Carrier availability, the Samsung Innov8 managed to crack at least one of our Top Picks of 2008 lists. As usual, however, the fact that it’s superb doesn’t equate to it being easy to buy.

Fortunately, it looks like that might be changing. Amazon just started peddling the International Version this morning, but with an oh-so-hefty $799 price tag. If that’s a bit rich for your blood, the FCC’s looselips have let on that a 850/1900Mhz model, perfectly suitable for 3G use on AT&T (or Rogers, though the Innov8 is nowhere to be seen on the 2009 Rogers Roadmap), is on the way. Go ahead, AT&T – Make it official.

[Symbian Guru]