PS3 losing the race


The Wii and the 360 are holding the first and second sales spots this season while the pricey PS3 is now number three with a sales decrease of 19% from the same month last year. Sales on the Wii doubled while the 360 rose 8%.

Why is the PS3 doing so poorly? The WSJ believes it’s the price, $399 for the base model, that’s keeping consumers away. I’d say it’s the dearth of compelling titles on the console as well as the perception that it’s more of expensive Blu-Ray player than a real game console. While I will note that the graphics are amazing and the gameplay exciting, there is nothing like the viral XBox Live and Halo to encourage friend-vs-friend combat online, one of the main draws on the 360. Wii, on the other hand, has family gaming sewn up. This, as we see, leaves Sony in the dust. We confirmed this last week with the initial report.

Wii sold 35 million unit since launch while 360 sold 22 million units. Sony sold 17 million, most of those on launch.