RGM North Pointer GMT: American made, American pride

RGM is a watch company in Pennsylvania dedicated to recreating and preserving the watch know-how of the classic old American makers. Back in the 1880s, America’s watch industry was booming along with the growth of the railroads. A little savvy marketing and the rise of the automobile killed all the huge factories of Hamilton, Ohio and Elgin, Illinois but the dream is still alive.

The North Pointer GMT is a 24-hour watch that uses RGM’s own manufacture movement and highly luminous pointers and pips to keep you on time anywhere in the world. You can even use the north pointer to find your current direction.

The North Pointer GMT’s 24-hour indicator is more than merely a decorative way to distinguish the second time-zone indication of this watch.  By holding the watch horizontal and positioning oneself so that the main hour hand of the watch points to the sun, the wearer can use the North Pointer GMT’s red hand to identify the direction of north.

I did not know that. Thank you, kind sirs.

This is little more than a GMT watch but it’s nice to know that somewhere in America someone is putting a little thought into the manufacture of durable goods.