The 2008 Misties: this year's top vaporware

Wired’s annual top 10 vaporware award list is out, and although it’s not technically called the Misties, it should be. As usual, there aren’t too many surprises, but I think they’ve cheated a little in their inclusions. I’d say that partial delivery of the product (e.g. Home, Android) counts, even if it’s underwhelming.

Of course, the top spot goes to you-know-who (not he-who-must-not-be-named), and conspicuously absent from the list is Phantom, which not only delivered a product this year but also their long-promised games store — which has been down for weeks and is considered by some to be more of a punchline than a service.

Personally, I’m sad that my Pandora has been delayed, although I’m pretty sure they will deliver in the next couple months. What do you guys think?