Zephyr iPhone app: Pass wind

I don’t get this app, but I’m sure the many people the makers filmed in Las Vegas understand it perfectly. Apparently you “gently compose” that is translated into wind sounds and transmitted around the world. In this way you share love, fear, and joy with millions of strangers around the world.

If a recipient likes a particular message, he or she can express ‘love’ by tapping on a heart icon. A message that is ‘loved’ will get passed on to another recipient. So, the most interesting messages will be shared by the most people. It’s sort of a message in a bottle. Only you can see where your message went. Over time, it’s possible your message will circumnavigate the globe.

Seriously. I don’t know. Go buy it for $1. I don’t know what else to say. Maybe you can explain it to me.

via BBG